Altona Grange Hall Restoration

History of the Altona Grange Restoration

After the Altona Grange was recognized and designated a Boulder County Historical Landmark in 1999, the Altona Grange members started the long process of restoring the Grange Hall to its 1895 origins. During it’s 126-years of operation, the Altona Grange Hall has hosted many celebrations and also seen many alterations. 

In 2006, after receiving enough funds, the Altona Grange volunteers started to restore the property and revive the grange hall to its original splendor. After the removal of the 1950’s asphalt siding, the original clapboard siding and original window size from 1895 were revealed.

This revelation spurred the next round of renovations and the creation of the Altona Preservation Alliance 501C(3) organization, whose mission is to ensure the Altona Grange site is managed and preserved as a historical landmark while functioning as a community resource.

Funding Future Restoration

In 2021, the Boulder County Historical Advisory Board recommended that a $9,900 grant be awarded to the Altona Grange restoration project to help cover the cost of replacing seven windows to the original size, new drain gutters, historic sign restoration, caulking and a final coat of paint.  The total cost of restoration is close to $20,000.

In order to secure the grant and cover all of the necessary restoration costs, the Altona Grange volunteers need the support of the broader community.

You can support the restoration of the Altona Grange by donating to the Altona Preservation Alliance, which is a tax exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3).

Write checks to: The Altona Grange Preservation Alliance

Send checks to: Altona Grange #127 P.O. Box 28 Hygiene, C0 80533

Current Restoration Focus

Over the next year, the Altona Grange volunteers are focused on four projects:

  • Replacing seven 1940’s windows with new, energy efficient windows that are the size and style of the original 1890’s windows. This requires new windows, trim caulk, and paint.
  • Repairing the original exterior 1895 clapboard wood siding as well as the re-clad 1945 additions and apply a final coat of paint to all siding.
  • Replacing and adding rain gutters, downspouts and extensions with new seamless versions.
  • Restoring the historical sign and replacing it on the building.

Consider Supporting the Altona Grange Restoration and Donate to the Altona Preservation Alliance Today

Write checks to: The Altona Grange Preservation Alliance

Send checks to: Altona Grange #127 P.O. Box 28 Hygiene, C0 80533

Photos of the Ongoing Restoration