The Grange

Altona Grange #127 is one of 57 active granges in Colorado and one of three in Boulder County.  Altona Grange was established in 1891, named for the once existing town of Altona.  The 117 year old building has been maintained, updated and continues to be a historical and current asset to Boulder County and its residents.  The current Altona Grange membership is dedicated to maintaining the historic building and its original purpose as a facility to serve farming families and small and sustainable agriculture.

The Grange system is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in more than 2,100 hometowns across America. We have nearly 150 years of history, a spirit of grassroots advocacy, and a fraternal spirit that we’re happy to share with you.

Altona Grange Officers

Performing the role of an Officer of the Grange takes dedication and commitment to the interests of all members of the Grange. These roles are historical in nature as laid out in the Bylaws for the Grange and are key to the function of a Grange as a place for community.​

Henry Poirot


The Grange Master shall serve as president of the board of director. The master shall preside at all meetings of the members and the board of directors.

Chris Doyle


The Overseer shall serve as the vice-president of the board and the assistant to the Master.

Erika Moats


The Treasurer shall have general supervision over the care and custody of the funds and securities of the corporation.

Laura Poirot


The Secretary shall have the responsibility for the preparation and maintenance of minutes of the directors and members meetings and other records and information required to be kept by the corporation and for authenticating records of the corporation.

Donlyn Arbuthnot Whissen


The Historian shall be responsible for relaying local historic moments from the past to entertain and provide context to Grange goals and relevance to the present.


Grange members are encouraged to serve on committees concerning the improvement of the building, fund-raising, musical and artistic programming, rental management, and community forums

The First Officers

Pictured (left to right) Fred Bader, Donald F. Arbuthnot, Fred Arbuthnot

First Treasurer of Altona Grange #127​​​ Fred Bader, Step-Brother to the first Master, William Roberts. Before the hall was built, Fred made sure that they had the funds to purchase the white​​ oak flooring that is still in the Grange Hall today. Fred arrived here in 1866 after his father returned home to Iowa fro​​m the Civil War. He had been a member of the Left Hand Grange, no. 9.

Further information about the Altona Grange and the Colorado Grange movement is availab​le through oral histories and books found at the Carnegie Branch Library, Boulder Public Library, Boulder, Colorado.​

How to Become a Member

If you would like to become a member of the Altona Grange, click here for more info.